Into the Wild

“It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.” 
― David Attenborough

Stepping into the Wild from our King Bell Tent

Stepping into the Wild from our King Bell Tent

Happy Valley Norfolk is home to a wilderness of natural habitats.  We’re proud to be a Norfolk Wildlife Trust site and play an important role in protecting our natural heritage.  All of our builds are sympathetic to the surrounding habitats.  We hand dig all foundations and create space under each cabin for wildlife to flourish. The wild grounds here are an abundant life source of excitement for us too, which is why we’re eager to share their beauty with you.

Lake life at Happy Valley

Lake life at Happy Valley

Happy Valley Norfolk is set in 9 acres of ancient woodland and meadowland where nature quietly thrives.  Our tranquil site is wildlife rich and home to many species including song birds and owls; bats taking flight with the rare long eared bat spotted hanging out here, squirrels scaling sky high pines, rabbits, hare, munt jack and deer hopping and skipping through whilst nestled in the safe space of our forest are hedgehogs, badgers, stoats and foxes taking sanctuary.  Butterflies, Dragon Flies, Bees and Moths weave in and out of the flora whilst our lake of whispering Willows overlooks plentiful pond-life. During the summer of 2019 we’ve planted acres of wildflower and our Sainfoin field at the family farm produces pink blooms which are a magnet to insects.

A safe space for children & wildlife

A safe space for children & wildlife

As a family we’ve immersed our children in nature with the forest floor as their playground.  We’ve created a Glamping site in harmony with wild inhabitants to encourage other families to harness an appreciation of wildlife and how we can all relate positively to the natural world that unconditionally sustains us.

The more we enrich our bond with Mother Nature, the more likely we are to conserve her future. Spending time outdoors in nature each day is the healthiest way to strengthen our connection with our natural roots. Encouraging our children to form respectful connections with our natural neighbours is perhaps the most precious way to keep our wild heritage alive!


We’ve illustrated our natural habitat for all who come to stay and developed activity sheets to encourage families to explore their wild surroundings together.

How can you connect with nature at Happy Valley? Let us name just a few naturally healing things to do… from forest bathing to star gazing, hunting for bugs, foraging for fruits and making mindfully natural mandalas, taking time out for wildlife spotting from the comfort of your hammock and for the more adventurous walking deep into the woods to discover natures treasures.


Sir David Attenborough, Stephen Fry, Catherine Tate, Alison Steadman and Asim Chaudhry have backed a new campaign from The Wildlife Trusts that calls for a wilder future and for nature’s recovery in the UK.
The conservationist and actors have starring roles in a new Wind in the Willows film trailer which brings to life the 21st century threats facing the much-loved characters from Kenneth Grahame’s children’s classic. The animated trailer calls on everyone to help bring our wildlife back before it’s too late, so that we can all enjoy a wilder future.
At Happy Valley we named our naturally built treehouse ‘Toad Hall’ after being inspired by the Wind in the Willows tale as children.  We hope that a stay here with your offspring inspires you and your wildlings to deepen your connection with nature and ignite your passion for a wilder future!

Toad Hall at Happy Valley

Toad Hall at Happy Valley

To re-wild yourself and experience all of the natural wonders at Happy Valley, contact one of our forest friendly team today.

Keep it Wild Norfolk!


T: 01485 600719

Instagram: @Happyvalleynorfolk

Eco-friendly Weddings at Happy Valley

What a Summer Season we’ve had so far at Happy Valley Norfolk.  We love to see that Weddings are becoming increasingly sustainable with couples adopting a few eco-friendly ideas. How we build our cabins at Happy Valley encourages natural habitats and we use environmentally friendly products on our Glamping site. We’ve built bird and bat boxes to encourage wildlife in our ancient woodland as well as planted fields of Sainfoin for the honeybees. We use all of our own natural filtered water from source on site too!

At the end of July it was the turn of the gorgeous Hannah & Peter, a local Bride and Groom who fell in love with our Dutch Barn to create their dream wedding canvas.  With Hannah’s background in floristry we knew the flowers would be breath-taking and Jam Jar Flowers of London pulled out a show stopper.

Jam Jar Flowers have an impressive selection of lovingly sourced antique vases, cut glass and Jam Jars of course. We adore Jam Jar’s eco-friendly ethos of working with seasonal flowers and foliage to reduce their wedding carbon footprint. The simple charm of flowers displayed in a natural and unfussy way, along with a love of native flora, informs Jam Jar’s style of beautiful, natural arrangements where seasonal flowers are celebrated.

Here are some flower suggestions for each season:

Spring: Tulips, white daffodils, lilac, ranunculus and guilder roses.
Summer: Peonies, larkspur, nigella, sweet peas, sunflowers and roses.
Autumn: Dahlias, calla lilies, hydrangeas and snapdragons.
Winter: Hellebores, berried ivy, jasmine, narcissus, poinsettia and anenomes.

IMG_1789 2.JPG

The greatest carbon footprint of your wedding is from travel, so if you can find a place you love near the majority of your guests, that will make the biggest eco-friendly impact… think local! Instead of transporting and constructing a venue like a marquee or tipi, choose a permanent building like a barn, we have two onsite at Happy Valley with plans to convert a third in the near future. We have the infrastructure set up to adapt to your eco wedding and good contacts with local suppliers.

DIY your eco-friendly favours! Use reusuable jars to serve up homemade preserves, a herb cutting or handmade chocolates for your guests. Cute bags of confetti are a colourful addition to the table and you can make your own by drying out rose petals collected from family and friends’ gardens. You can also buy natural, 100% biodegradable petal confetti from Mitre Farm a local West Norfolk supplier.


Our personal favourite at Happy Valley are gifts that keep on giving back to the environment like Wildflower seeds. To contribute towards a local charity at the same time you can make your own birdseed favours effortlessly from seed bought from our local RSPB

Dressing your Bridal party can be an expensive task, not to mention hugely costly in terms of environmental impact. The solution is quite simply vintage! Vintage styles flatter all shapes and sizes so it makes sense to be eco-chic on your wedding day. Vintage Deli in Norfolk stock some gorgeous pieces which are available for fittings by appointment.


These are just a few sustainably savvy ideas but there are many many more to mention. Including email invites which can be RSVP’d to instantly. Ensuring if you do send paper invites they are suitable for recycling and have been made from recycled card in the first place. Seeking out a catering company with an eco-friendly ethos and good relationships with local farmers will also help to reduce your carbon footprint on the day… in season food is always a tasty touch! Avoiding disposable dinnerware will help to reduce waste and compostable cups to replace plastic glassware would be another eco-friendly tip. Car-sharing between guests will also help to reduce those carbon emissions, so to will hiring a double-decker bus to bring everyone together in a fun way to travel to the venue. When it comes to decor, plastic balloons are a no go for eco friendly weddings, think lanterns, candles and biodegradable materials.

The marital motto for your eco-wedding - Reduce. Reuse. Recycle!

If you’re looking to plan a sustainable style wedding we’d love to hear from you and support you to make your eco-friendly day a reality.


T: 01485 600719

Instagram: @happyvalleynorfolk


Winter Weddings the Hygge Way

Hygge (pronounced hue-gah) means different things things to different folks.  To us at Happy Valley, it is taking pleasure in comfort, joy in cosiness and celebrating the winter warmers that nurture our spirit.


Winter at Happy Valley Norfolk is an enchanting time of year to celebrate your wedding under the cover of pine trees. With blankets of white frost, crisp leaves underfoot and log burners keeping you cosy in the woodland cabins... it’s of no surprise to us that intimate Winter Weddings are fast becoming a popular time to say “we do”. The nights will be darker but the sparkles are always brighter, the atmosphere merrier with the whole day leaving you starry-eyed.

Photo 23-09-2017, 7 51 56 pm.jpg

Our rural Hay Barn is cosy and inviting with the perfect hygge vibe to take your vows too.  You’ll be able to create that warming feeling both inside and out with blankets on hand for your guests while you tie the knot. Use chunky knits and faux furs to decorate hang out areas and make them truly enticing.


Wooden decorations and a natural theme are the ideal way to bring the outside in and embrace your Norfolk wildlife trust surroundings. Wooden candle holders and centrepieces bring hygge charm with rich, deep florals to compliment the organic tones.  We are able to offer a stylish selection of furniture and props to help co-create an authentically hygge backdrop to your wedding.


There's something nostalgic about vintage, so it makes perfect sense to include a vintage theme in your hygge winter wedding. Katy Coe, Founder of Happy Valley Norfolk has a creative eye for all things vintage having run her own successful vintage boutique on the North Norfolk Coast.


Comfort food will be heartily appreciated by all at the wedding banquet.  Think of soul warming pie dishes in different flavours or nourishing casseroles with traditional desserts to follow.  If your wedding takes place during December you’ll be able to treat your wedding guests to a full festive feast! Is there any better way to toast your marriage than a mulled wine or two?  A hot chocolate station with marshmallows would bring even more hygge feels to the party.


Our Woodland Cabins are the epitome of hyggekrog (that's a nook or snug to you and me) in their very design.  Lovingly hand-built hideaways with each home comfort looked after.  Perhaps the most important aspect of a hygge wedding is making time to enjoy the simple pleasures, like a cup of tea from your own handcrafted kitchen and breakfast cooked on your open fire. 

Photo 18-09-2016, 5 53 26 pm.jpg
Photo 11-02-2017, 9 15 53 pm (5).jpg

Did we almost forget to mention we have a wood fired hot tub? We can’t think of a better way to chill out with Team Wedding the following day!

Photo 02-11-2018, 2 50 31 pm.jpg

To start planning your Wintry Woodland Wedding the hygge way, call to arrange a viewing today.  We have some bespoke offers available from November 2019 – February 2020 with the opportunity to make the most of out of season packages.  


T: 01485 600719

Instagram: @happyvalleynorfolk


Photo 29-12-2016, 9 30 46 am.jpg

Autumnal Woodland Weddings in Norfolk

The season of Autumn at Happy Valley Norfolk is a truly magical one.  With dappled sun lighting up the turning leaves in the ancient woodland and a natural canopy of confetti on the forest floor.  We are set up to host 150 wedding guests and more! A transitional time which marks the end of the Summer Season as we ready ourselves for Winter. October is seasonally temperate with a backdrop of golden leaves, oranges and ever greens – creating a breath-taking palette for your photography scenes.


Reinvent and revolutionise the traditional barn venue at Happy Valley Norfolk. We have two stripped back barns, for those who appreciate a more natural vibe. The rustic nature of the Hay barn, is the perfect setting for your ceremony. Yes… you can legally say ‘we do’ on site too! The wood burner will keep your guests cosy and comfortable, whilst candlelight will complement your deeper, richer florals. The Dutch barn is a boho-inspired space, with panoramic views of the mystical lake and meadowland. The larger of the two, our Dutch barn has hosted many a wedding party, creating the celebratory feels for flavoursome feasts, bands and beats, ensuring all guests find their dancing feet!


The nature-inspired Glamping at Happy Valley, brings your nearest and dearest together in a relaxed Norfolk way.  With an eclectic choice of Handmade Cabins, Shepherds Huts and Bell tents to kick back in.  Each with their own colourful character and stylish comfort. We have taken care of your every need, leaving you and your Wedding party to make the most of your time together.  We love to see our guests connecting with nature in the Whimsical Woodland sheltered by the canopy of pine trees.  The Wood Fired Hot tub is a peacefully picturesque spot to take a dip and drink in the changing hues of the season.


If you would like to luxuriate further as Mr & Mrs, Toad Hall is the intimate yet spacious lodge you will never want to check out of.  Sleeping up to 6 people, with its own Hot Tub and absolutely every detail covered, we ensure your wedding is the kind that dreams are made of.  What’s more?  The entire site is exclusively yours to unravel and re-wild in during your stay.


We still have some limited availability for Wedding Bookings this October, 2019.  If you would like to say ‘I Do’ and make your Wedding wishes come true, we have a super friendly team to support you every step of the way… ensuring your Wedding Party is the one that everyone remembers as the most naturally dazzling day!



T: 01485 600719

Instagram: @happyvalleynorfolk


We look forward to co-creating the most magical Norfolk Wedding imaginable with you!

Autumn at Happy Valley

The beauty transforms through colour and this time of year is rather special at Happy Valley. The mix of trees in the forest make for the most splendid colour display and you can experience Nature therapy at it’s best.

The evidence is forever mounting that being immersed in Nature has huge health benefits and it’s not hard to see why. Experiencing the forest, embracing the seasons and getting outside with your loved ones is why the guests at Happy Valley keep on returning.

Autumn Feels
Winter Glamping
Winter Glamping in Norfolk
sunset at the treehouse

Norfolk Sunsets are hard rivalled and you get the very best views at Toad Hall.

Hot Tub Glamping in Norfolk

What our Guests Say -

Very grateful to have received this award for the 9th time in a row. Lucky to be blessed with some amazing guests who all love Happy Valley as much as we do. #HonestHosting

Very grateful to have received this award for the 9th time in a row. Lucky to be blessed with some amazing guests who all love Happy Valley as much as we do. #HonestHosting


Tribe Norfolk & Friends

After months of planning, a week of weather warnings whilst setting up, Tribe Norfolk was born at the arse end of storm Ali or was it storm Bronagh or Helene! Safe to say we weren’t blessed with the weather but in true Norfolk style we soldiered on and Tribe Norfolk was definitely blessed with some of the finest folk of Nor. What a magical little event!

It was so darn good we’re going to do it again next year but possibly a bit earlier in the Summer, like right at the start! To keep up with news about Tribe Norfolk Festival 2019, follow us on Instagram or email to get involved.

Tribe Norfolk 2019

13 - 14th July - Get your early bird tickets here

Created from a desire to connect Norfolk business and people, Tribe Norfolk is a platform to shout out about the incredibly talented hooomans we have in this county and its surrounds. For everyone who loves Norfolk. A community of supportive characters who see how connection can create friendships, collaborations, business and synergy. A festival for the whole family. Of involvement and interaction. Going back to basics. There was a whole lot of fun to be had and below are a few of our favourite memories and many thanks!

Abbie ready to welcome the Tribe.

Abbie ready to welcome the Tribe.


Santosha Yoga Norfolk

Emilie is a bundle of fabulous energy and offered 90s Hip Hop and Reggae yoga which were thoroughly enjoyed by mums, dads, traders, children, musicians, performers, the lot. Even on the drabbest of days the spirit was so high. We are already planning next years wellness area and it’s gonna be a goodun bah!

hip hop yoga at Tribe Norfolk Festival
Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 20.22.04.png

Wayside Pottery

Providing hours and hours worth of fun, technique, creativity, support, encouragement and positivity - I can not recommend them highly enough. They’ll be returning next year with some even bigger plans. Eeeek!

Wayside Pottery at Happy Valley Norfolk
Wayside Potter

Mrs Hoopah aka Suzanne Fossey

Suzanne kept families entertained for hours enchanting everyone who came near. She’s an absolute joy - full of positive energy and hugely appreciated by all. We saw so many people getting involved, grand parents included. One guest commented “I have tried for 35 years and never been able to hula hoop until this weekend. Suzanne was so empowering and after just 10 minutes I was hula hooping”. We’re not surprised and knew as soon as we saw her she was special. Suzanne is also a fabulous photographer and you can see her pics here.

Tribe Norfolk Weekend Hula Hooping

Tales In Thread

Thank you so much for bringing your beautiful creations and cultural embroidery workshop to Happy Valley. Barnaby (7yrs) tore his kite the week after and said to me “Mummy, I can sew it up as the lady from Tales in Thread taught me”. And he sewed it very well. Thanks Titania, you were hugely appreciated with your stunning embroidery badges and so much more.

Titania Fisher - Cultural World Textile Teacher/Researcher/Artist Go check her out HERE



So much love for Millies team from Bewilderwood. They brought endless joy to us, braving every single weather and their spirits were always high. Mini adventures included crown making, bat bake-offs and story telling on the tree swing. They were an absolute joy to have around and they definitely managed to add even more magic to Happy Valley.

Bewilderwood at Happy Valley Tribe Norfolk Festival

Norfolk Creative Arts

Used mix media art inspired by Happy Valley’s enchanted forest. You could create your own mask and get a selfie (just so they don’t feel too far removed from the modern world)!

Norfolk Creative Arts at Tribe Norfolk Weekend
A Festival for the whole family

A Festival for the whole family

Kings Lynn & District Astronomy Society

Fascinated us with their out of this world knowledge!! We found out what’s above the night skies and chatted about what’s beyond! The Kings Lynn and District Astronomy Society fascinated people of all ages with their interactive talk in the barn. A humbling encounter with knowledge that left hairs standing on end for quite some time. Pic from Richard Pearce on their FB Page.

kings lynn and district Astronomy Society Richard Pearce pic

Wellbeing By The Sea

Marie lovingly welcomed families into the island and gave free sessions of yoga and mindfulness. Lazy Sunday vibes included #yoganidra yogic sleep - a powerful guided meditation which had unlimited restorative and rejuvenating properties.

“Yoga can help empower children, help them handle stresses, mood and anxieties and provide the space they need to cultivate self awareness, confidence and calm amid the steam of chaos,” says Marie. She’s right!

Wellbeing by the Sea at Tribe Norfolk Weekend
Henna Soul  - Not just your average Henna Artist.

Henna Soul - Not just your average Henna Artist.


Bohemian clothing and accessories from  Wildling Woman .

Bohemian clothing and accessories from Wildling Woman.

The fabulous  Copper Knit  - incredible jewellery and beautiful figurines.

The fabulous Copper Knit - incredible jewellery and beautiful figurines.

Ollie Platt Events

Ollie provided the beautiful shopping village marquee complete with stripe lining plus their fabulous Franks cocktail and smoothie Bar which was a hit with both Mummies and Daddies! The smoothies were pretty damn fine to. I can recommend their Super Green Smoothie! It definitely gave a much needed energy boost.

Jake Morrell enjoying the scenery

Jake Morrell enjoying the scenery


HUGE SHOUT OUT to the  Travelling Bluebird  who provided incredible comfort food throughout the weekend.

HUGE SHOUT OUT to the Travelling Bluebird who provided incredible comfort food throughout the weekend.

The Oh  So S imply Cake Co, jeez these are addictive!

The Oh So Simply Cake Co, jeez these are addictive!


The quality of musicians in this area is just incredible. I salute every single band that joined us at Tribe Norfolk Festival. They were true professionals and the quality of artists has been a hot topic for the past 3 weeks. Blessed to be surrounded by such incredible talent here in Norfolk & Suffolk AND… we need to shout about them. Go check out what’s right around the corner—> I’m uploading you tube videos so just search #tribenorfolkweekend - Jake Morrell, East Angles Brass, Helen Bluebelle, Sam Coe and the Long Shadows, Playhouse Music, Falling From Trees, Sam Cook, Vincent Knight Music, Jessies Ghost, Chris Pidgeon, Lea La Zelle, Two Bit Operators and Con and Milsky

Tim Murrell from TM Events sponsored Tribe Norfolk and was an absolute legend. He lit up Happy Valley to create the beautiful enchanted forest and fairy tree. He’s already planning next years light shows! We can’t bloody wait.

Tim Murrell from TM Events sponsored Tribe Norfolk and was an absolute legend. He lit up Happy Valley to create the beautiful enchanted forest and fairy tree. He’s already planning next years light shows! We can’t bloody wait.

Norfolk raised Jake Morrell did us VERY proud at Tribe Norfolk.

Norfolk raised Jake Morrell did us VERY proud at Tribe Norfolk.

East Angles Brass wowed everyone with their incredible renditions.

East Angles Brass wowed everyone with their incredible renditions.

Helen Bluebelle. What a voice!

Helen Bluebelle. What a voice!

Sam Coe & the Long Shadows

Sam Coe & the Long Shadows

Happy Valley Wedding Venue Norfolk

HOOOOOGE THANKS to Castle Acre Canvas who also sponsored this event with their Capree Marquee. We love Alex and his wide range of tents, and he has a few good toons! They always look beautiful within the backdrop of Happy Valley and are some of the best weather-proof marquees around. They can adapt to the surrounds and can be positioned on uneven surfaces too.

We couldn’t have created this festival without the help of a great team. Total legends that are Scottie, Billy, Tim, Jules, Naomi, Abbie at Creative Orchard, Beccy & Katie, the fabulous supporters on Instagram & Facebook. The Norfolk Community effing Rocks.

Competition Time

Wanna win a Tribe Norfolk sweatshirt? All you have to do is go to Instagram, like @tribeNorfolk & comment with friends who you think would like to be part of this community. Each entry counts in final draw. Winner will be drawn at random on Sunday 21st October and contacted via DM. Happy tagging ✨💃🏻


If you want to see more on the first Tribe Norfolk festival then check out this blog from @dilan_andme “Is there any greater joy than the feeling of swinging through the forest on a tyre swing? Childhood bliss. In fact most of @tribenorfolk at @happyvnorfolk was full of all the stuff childhood dreams are made of. I’ve shared some more details of #tribenorfolkweekend over on my blog today, including some of the brilliant stalls that were there and all of the lovely family friendly activities, plus lots more photos from our visit. I’m already excited for next year! ❤️✨”


Your Loving Tribe X

Dylan and me at Tribe Norfolk Weekend

Wilderness Weddings

If you're looking for a Woodland Wedding with a bridged Island, Party Barn, Luxury Lodge, Glamping, Camping and a hot tub then Happy Valley is the Venue for you. You can create the Wedding YOU want at this hidden gem in North West Norfolk. An unspoilt part of the Norfolk countryside with magic written all over it. Natural Springs a plenty and enchanted forests engulf .

Forget the restrictions and embrace the woodland wilderness for a festival Wedding. Hired for 3 days and 2 nights you can be assured that the memories made will last you a lifetime. Here at Happy Valley taking your time is at the top of our ethos. 

There's no funny extras like Corkage fees or restrictions on caterers and bar. You really do have the blank canvas to create whatever Wedding you desire. We've seen Festival Weddings, Bohemian and Free Spirited Weddings, Traditional Style Weddings, Woodland Weddings, Vintage Weddings, Neon Weddings and everything else in between! 

Wilderness Weddings at Happy Valley Norfolk
Rustic Wedding Venue in Norfolk

Love these images of the Barn by Craig Williams for Becky & Wills special day

Here we have the band on the island, weeping willow line the island providing a secluded and intimate space.

blessing on the island Wedding at happy valley
Sneak off and share a tipple in the woods
Woodland Weddings in Norfolk

You can't have a woodland wedding without a tree swing.


I've taken a few pics from a variety of Weddings at Happy Valley. Set in the heart of North West Norfolk this wedding venue is surrounded by Woodland and has magic written all over it. Unspoilt surrounds on a Norfolk Wildlife Trust you sure to feel super serene even on your Wedding day.

Wedding Day Norfolk
Wedding Fun at Happy valley
Wedding Prep

Wedding Prep

Wilderness Wedding
Wedding Dress trends 2019 Norfolk Venue Happy Valley
Caraz zagni photography cake Ellies Cakery

Caraz zagni photography cake Ellies Cakery

Garden Games Wedding day
Glamping Wedding Norfolk
Wedding Trends 2019 Norfolk
Woodpecker Tree Temple Glamping
Woodland Wedding
Barn Wedding in North Norfolk

Happy Valley by night.


You can find recent pics of Happy Valley over on the instagram page -

Rewild your inner child

It's safe to say we're out of hibernation and the buzz has been growing at a rate of knots. I'm not just talking about the bees either! We've been planning Tribe Norfolk Weekend, hosting photo shoots, Wedding planning & welcoming lots of gorgeous guests.

Here's a quick whizz through of the past few weeks where we have been igniting our inner child.

First port of call for almost Spring was picnics!. Gosh, does Annie love a picnic. Morning, noon or night, whatever the weather. "Can we have a picnic Mummy?", Luckily  I love a picnic to. "Of course my darling, let's get outdoors"


We feel so blessed to be close to the North Norfolk Coastline. In 20 minutes you can be lying on the beach making sand angels. Here at Holme Beach it felt like a Mid Summers day in April. 


We also nipped to Brancaster Beach, another favourite.


One of my besties has just launched her own line of clothing & got me in front of the camera. This is a rarity these days but I absolutely adore these dresses and couldn't say no. I've lived in this one since the day I got it. Mustard lounge dress is a variety of beautiful colours. Available from Wildling Woman


Must be Hot Tub Time by now!


OH and the New Lodge is almost finished.

Toad Hall sits on it's own with beautiful views across to the village. You can see as far as Kings Lynn on a clear day. It's part disable friendly and pram friendly for that matter. Will have its own Kitchen, living area, wet room, king size sleeping downstairs and upstairs. Tree top balcony. BBQ etc

We are taking bookings for the Summer Holidays directly so please email for more information. 


The lovely Kelly @ Mother of Golfers came to stay and took these beautiful pics for us. 2 working mums with their beautiful girls. Denver Rest works perfectly for this and also for 2 couples wanting to escape.

When the kiddies are tucked up why not relax and unwind immersed in nature. Experience the health benefit of forest bathing.

When the kiddies are tucked up why not relax and unwind immersed in nature. Experience the health benefit of forest bathing.

Hot Tub Time - The girls Loved their time in the Hot Tub.

Hot Tub Time - The girls Loved their time in the Hot Tub.

family glamping in Norfolk toasted marshmallows
Who doesn't like a toasted Marshmallow? They are heaven on earth. 

Who doesn't like a toasted Marshmallow? They are heaven on earth. 

The beauty of Happy Valley is that you can see your children playing in the distance, freedom of space, everyone is happy.

The beauty of Happy Valley is that you can see your children playing in the distance, freedom of space, everyone is happy.

King Nutkin in the distance and sundown at Denver Rest. 

King Nutkin in the distance and sundown at Denver Rest. 

Embellish Face & Body Art get sparkly with a Festival Photo Shoot at Happy Valley

This was a great day. The Lovely Dionne from Embellish getting creative with colours in the barn. The team from Studio 19 in Kings Lynn were the models/dancers. Lacy from Slingshots, the photographer.

Embellish will be at Tribe Norfolk Weekend using Eco Glitter and unleashing many an inner child throughout the weekend. 


Love both of these looks. Taken by Louis from Studio 19

Louis and Jonathan looking Festival ready.

Louis and Jonathan looking Festival ready.

King Bell is up!

Our King Bell Tent sleeps 4 in a king size bed, 2 single beds, bbq, camping stove, fire pit. Pots, pans etc.

Our King Bell Tent sleeps 4 in a king size bed, 2 single beds, bbq, camping stove, fire pit. Pots, pans etc.

King Nutkin terrace. Cabin in the Woods

King Nutkin terrace. Cabin in the Woods

We've erected the King Bell Tent and she was enjoyed by her first guests of the season. I've just added us to Trip Advisor. If you have stayed at Happy Valley before and enjoyed your stay please do write us a review on there. If you have any feedback we'd love to hear from you. We are constantly adapting the site to meet expectations and really appreciate all feedback. If you think of any improvements please email us directly

Trip Advisor Happy Valley Norfolk

The cowslip is out and daisy's a plenty. Amongst all the activity we thought we'd get some family yoga practice in to recenter ourselves! Practice makes perfect! 

I saw this quote and remembered. Put it into practice and the changes happen. 

I saw this quote and remembered. Put it into practice and the changes happen. 

It works.

It works.

As the sun goes down.

As the sun goes down.

Signing off from Happy Valley

Lots of Love

Katy, Scott, Barnaby & Annie.


Tribe Norfolk Weekend

Save the date!

22 - 23rd September 2018

So excited to announce that the first Tribe Norfolk Weekend will take place at Happy Valley

Inspired by Norfolk for people who Love Norfolk


Tribe Norfolk was created in December 2016 to connect individuals, businesses and all who love Norfolk, a county in which we are all spread out but have an abundance of wonderful producers, makers, musicians, crafters, growers.... right on our doorstep that we may not even know about.

Tribe Norfolk Instagram, Facebook & Twitter were created to provide a platform for people to connect, unite, discover, collaborate and celebrate everything about Norfolk. 

A positive vibes only platform welcome to all who want to bring back some community spirit.


Guests will be able to enjoy - 

The Beauty of the Wild, the Splendour of Norfolk creatives, taste fabulous cuisine, dance to an array of Norfolk Musicians, buy local treats at the Norfolk Produce and Makers Market. Enjoy a range of activities for all ages plus enjoy holistic therapies in the nurturing and supportive community in which Tribe Norfolk has become. 

Pic up some beautiful Vintage one offs.

Pic up some beautiful Vintage one offs.

Pic By Emily Jane - Vintage Deli Dress

Pic By Emily Jane - Vintage Deli Dress

There will be a fabulous Makers, Vintage and Produce Market at Tribe Norfolk Weekend where you can pick up some local one offs and discover the fab independants on offer in Norfolk. Can't wait to tell you who else we've got coming. 

Enjoy Tribe Norfolk Weekend in laid back luxury with a Weekend Glamping Ticket.

*TICKETS will be released at the end of April*

Glamping & camping at Happy Valley - 

A mix of Shepherds Huts, Tree temple, New Woodland Lodge and Bell Tents. Happy Valley sits on a Norfolk Wildlife Trust site in rural North West Norfolk. Immersed in nature with incredible woodland walks and close to the Norfolk Coast. The perfect place to switch off from the world and to start making memories. Reap the benefits of Forest Therapy. 

There will also be camping options so you can bring your own tents & campervans.

glamping in Norfolk
Glamping in  Norfolk
Enjoy Glamping at Tribe Norfolk Weekend - Pic taken from a photoshoot which included 2 posh 2 pitch and Wedding Wheels next to the Sea. Photo Credit - Rebel Heart Team

Enjoy Glamping at Tribe Norfolk Weekend - Pic taken from a photoshoot which included 2 posh 2 pitch and Wedding Wheels next to the Sea. Photo Credit - Rebel Heart Team


A chance to make some priceless memories with the whole family. Try Woodcombing, Nature Photography, family yoga, Dance like nobody is watching, sing along if you fancy it. This is a festival where inhibitions are left at the door. Get dressed up and come and have some fun in the wild.

A Wild Woodland Venue in unspoilt Norfolk Countryside. Close to Massingham, Sandringham, Houghton and the North Norfolk Coastline. 


If you'd like to get involved as a trader, musician, producer, performer, caterer etc then please go to the landing page of the website and follow the link.

If you LOVE instagram, Twitter or Facebook  then you can find Tribe Norfolk - @TribeNorfolk 

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Connecting in Nature

A couple weeks later than planned but here's a wee blog I did on our Nature Walk around Happy Valley.

Today reminded me how beautiful Autumn is at Happy Valley. Annie and I went on a mini adventure complete with minion backpack to collect our treasures from which we were to create a masterpiece. Feelers out! Whats about!

Mini Adventure Glamping Norfolk
rural escape glamping norfolk

It wasn't long before we stopped to take a picture of the hedge. Yes the hedge, bursting with beauty. The wild berries and ivy waterfalls. Purples, pinks, yellows, who knew hedges could be so beautiful and fruitful. The bracken showing us that Autumn is here and blackberries providing a welcome snack..

autumn glamping 2017 norfolk
We thought this looked like an Ivy Waterfall.

We thought this looked like an Ivy Waterfall.

I couldn't tell you what this wonderful pink sea urchin looking plant is. Can you?  Nature therapy worked it's magic and we were in a little heaven of our own. 

Tire swings, hammocks and Den building throughout the woods at Happy Valley.

Tire swings, hammocks and Den building throughout the woods at Happy Valley.

nature meditation norfolk
Awesome Earth

Awesome Earth

nature walk finds Norfolk Happy Valley

So we sat down and created this for Nanas Birthday Present. 

Sometimes it can be a struggle to get out of the house, especially if the weather isn't ideal or spirits are low. But i've come to realise that as soon as we're out exploring then the therapy starts. It's incredible how just being outside, beauty is everywhere. In abundance. It almost instantly makes me feel better and the benefits are huge for all the family. It's free and it's accessible. 

Very Grateful for this day.