Embracing the Seasons

Ever fancied Glamping in Norfolk during Winter? Well We've had some wonderful guests this year who've totally embraced the seasons and visited Happy Valley so I thought i'd share some of their fabulous captures and thoughts. Winter at Happy Valley is just as magical as summer with every day changing. The Wildlife in abundance living in harmony with our little woodland cabins.  

 This blog - dedicated to Budding photographer Corinne Hills  who Captured Happy Valley so well this Winter. 

Shepherds Hut Glamping Norfolk

Here's King Nutkin, Wood burner chuffing away on a cold winters day. We often get comments on how warm the huts are. All our woodland cabins are heated so there's no need to worry about the cold. You can explore the woodland garden and 250 acres of Congham Heath Woods and know you're coming back to a toasty retreat.

Boutique Glamping in Norfolk

The Kitchenette houses a fridge, hob, plates, cups, cuttlery, cooking utensils, tea, coffee, sugar, cafetiere, toaster, kettle etc. 

There's a breakfast bar where you can relax on the old tractor seat stools or you can enjoy your meal outside on the decking surrounded by your woodland garden. 

Luxury Glamping in Norfolk

A pocket sprung mattress sits on the king size bed and has been highly reviewed by all of our guests. 

attention to detail Glamping in Norfolk

No Need to Bring cooking equipment and crockery. All provided with King Nutkin.

interiors Glamping Norfolk

Pop the kettle on and prepare dinner or there's a large BBQ outside if you'd rather.

Interiors Glamping Norfolk

Our beautiful Shepherds Huts are made on site by Mr Happy Valley (Scottie). All the little details carefully thought of and they just keep getting better and better. Our Treehouse build is about to commence in the next couple of weeks. We can't wait to get our teeth into that one. Situated with open and woodland views you'lll be spoilt for choice of which way to look. Embracing the beautiful Norfolk skies or enjoying some forest bathing. Natures Medicine to nourish the soul. 

Shepherds Hut Woodland Glamping Norfolk

Below is Denver Rest which sits with our Tawny Hut - Denver houses a double bed, outdoor kitchen, indoor toaster and kettle. Breakfast bar. Tawny Hut houses a Super King Bed with a small desk and lamp. Outdoor seating and BBQ. Fire pit and Woodland Garden. Sleeping 4 in total. You can call us on 01485 600719 or email hello@happyvalleynorfolk.co.uk find us on instagram or facebook & Twitter.

Thank you Corinne for your beautiful captures and really glad you enjoyed your stay at Happy Valley. Please check out Corinees Website www.corinnehillsphotography.com

Love Katy, Scott, Barnaby & Annie


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Scientific Proof that Woodland Glamping can improve your Health!

Why Glamping at Happy Valley Norfolk can improve your health and nourish your soul.

Most people believe that the outdoors is good for us. Now there’s a ton of research proving that time out in nature is essential to our physical, psychological health and well-being.

Glamping Venue Norfolk

Reduce Stress

Immersing ourselves in the Forest aka “Forest Bathing” refers to time spent amongst the trees. This has now been scientifically proven as having a positive impact on reducing stress levels and lowering blood pressure. Forest Bathing is a long valued preventative medicine in cultures such as Japan but we’re only just cottoning on here in the West.

Woodland Glamping Venue Norfolk
Norfolk Shepherds Hut Glamping Venue


King Nutkin – King Size Bed, Wood Burner, Kitchenette, BBQ, Firepit, Private Heated Toilet & Shower. Woodland Garden. 

The road into Happy Valley is just as idyllic

The road into Happy Valley is just as idyllic

Lift your Mood

One reason Mother Nature may work as such a great stress-buster is through scent. The scent of fresh pine has even been shown to lower depression and anxiety. In addition to helping decrease stress levels, spending more time with nature shows a shift toward a more positive mood says Judith Heerwagon, a Seattle based environmental psychologist.

Forest Holiday in Norfolk

Have Better Sleep ZZZZZzzzzzzzz

 Evidence suggest that being amongst forests may pay a pivotal role in the sleep you get at night. The study found that being in nature improves physical activity levels, which in turn promote sound sleep at night. A new study shows exposure to a natural environment may help people get the sleep they need said lead author Diana Grisby – Toussaint.

With a Super King Bed, Woodburner, Kitchenette, Breakfast Bar, Private Heated Toilet and Shower Room and woodland garden. Not hard to get a good night sleeps. Glamping in laid back luxury.

With a Super King Bed, Woodburner, Kitchenette, Breakfast Bar, Private Heated Toilet and Shower Room and woodland garden. Not hard to get a good night sleeps. Glamping in laid back luxury.

Woodland Venue Norfolk Glamping
Glamping in Norfolk

Be More Creative

If you’re feeling  a little uninspired or lacking creativity then a break in the forest is the best remedy. According to David Strayer P.H.D a Professor of cognition and neural science at the university of Utah, modern multitasking overtakes brain areas that are involved in supressing distracting thinking creatively, and developing a sense of identity. David Stayer discovered that four days backpacking in nature improved peoples creativity by 50%.

forest bathing in norfolk

Heal your Body as Well as your Mind

Nature doesn’t just have an effect on the mind. Roger S. Ulrich, PhD, director of the Center for Health Systems and Design at Texas A&M University, has found that nature can help the body heal, too.

In his most well-known study, Ulrich investigated the effect that views from windows had on patients recovering from abdominal surgery. He discovered that patients whose hospital rooms overlooked trees had an easier time recovering than those whose rooms overlooked brick walls. Patients able to see nature got out of the hospital faster, had fewer complications and required less pain medication than those forced to stare at a wall.

Like other researchers, Ulrich has found that simply viewing representations of nature can help. In a study at a Swedish hospital, for instance, he found that heart surgery patients in intensive care units could reduce their anxiety and need for pain medication by looking at pictures depicting trees and water.


Forest Living in Norfolk

Pic taken - January 2017

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