Into the Wild

“It seems to me that the natural world is the greatest source of excitement; the greatest source of visual beauty; the greatest source of intellectual interest. It is the greatest source of so much in life that makes life worth living.” 
― David Attenborough

Stepping into the Wild from our King Bell Tent

Stepping into the Wild from our King Bell Tent

Happy Valley Norfolk is home to a wilderness of natural habitats.  We’re proud to be a Norfolk Wildlife Trust site and play an important role in protecting our natural heritage.  All of our builds are sympathetic to the surrounding habitats.  We hand dig all foundations and create space under each cabin for wildlife to flourish. The wild grounds here are an abundant life source of excitement for us too, which is why we’re eager to share their beauty with you.

Lake life at Happy Valley

Lake life at Happy Valley

Happy Valley Norfolk is set in 9 acres of ancient woodland and meadowland where nature quietly thrives.  Our tranquil site is wildlife rich and home to many species including song birds and owls; bats taking flight with the rare long eared bat spotted hanging out here, squirrels scaling sky high pines, rabbits, hare, munt jack and deer hopping and skipping through whilst nestled in the safe space of our forest are hedgehogs, badgers, stoats and foxes taking sanctuary.  Butterflies, Dragon Flies, Bees and Moths weave in and out of the flora whilst our lake of whispering Willows overlooks plentiful pond-life. During the summer of 2019 we’ve planted acres of wildflower and our Sainfoin field at the family farm produces pink blooms which are a magnet to insects.

A safe space for children & wildlife

A safe space for children & wildlife

As a family we’ve immersed our children in nature with the forest floor as their playground.  We’ve created a Glamping site in harmony with wild inhabitants to encourage other families to harness an appreciation of wildlife and how we can all relate positively to the natural world that unconditionally sustains us.

The more we enrich our bond with Mother Nature, the more likely we are to conserve her future. Spending time outdoors in nature each day is the healthiest way to strengthen our connection with our natural roots. Encouraging our children to form respectful connections with our natural neighbours is perhaps the most precious way to keep our wild heritage alive!


We’ve illustrated our natural habitat for all who come to stay and developed activity sheets to encourage families to explore their wild surroundings together.

How can you connect with nature at Happy Valley? Let us name just a few naturally healing things to do… from forest bathing to star gazing, hunting for bugs, foraging for fruits and making mindfully natural mandalas, taking time out for wildlife spotting from the comfort of your hammock and for the more adventurous walking deep into the woods to discover natures treasures.


Sir David Attenborough, Stephen Fry, Catherine Tate, Alison Steadman and Asim Chaudhry have backed a new campaign from The Wildlife Trusts that calls for a wilder future and for nature’s recovery in the UK.
The conservationist and actors have starring roles in a new Wind in the Willows film trailer which brings to life the 21st century threats facing the much-loved characters from Kenneth Grahame’s children’s classic. The animated trailer calls on everyone to help bring our wildlife back before it’s too late, so that we can all enjoy a wilder future.
At Happy Valley we named our naturally built treehouse ‘Toad Hall’ after being inspired by the Wind in the Willows tale as children.  We hope that a stay here with your offspring inspires you and your wildlings to deepen your connection with nature and ignite your passion for a wilder future!

Toad Hall at Happy Valley

Toad Hall at Happy Valley

To re-wild yourself and experience all of the natural wonders at Happy Valley, contact one of our forest friendly team today.

Keep it Wild Norfolk!


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Misty Blues

Indulge in a walk in nature and beat those Winter blues. Even on a grey, wet autumn day you’ll tend to return with more then you’d hoped for.


Nature Meditation in the forest which felt like a little bit of Norfolk Narnia   

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Toad Hall in the morning mist stands quietly  

Happy Valley on Twitter - @norfolkvenue

Happy Valley on Twitter - @norfolkvenue

The infamous Black Shuck

The infamous Black Shuck

Winter walks bring on a different kind of magic. Natures palette never fails to inspire. We are now going into our third winter here as Happy Valley & one thing I’ve learnt is to allow myself to slow down through the winter months just like the landscape that surrounds. This is a contrast to the rest of the year when it seems to never stop. Adapting to this change can be tricky but required for growth.

🎄Christmas Vouchers available 🎄

🎄Christmas Vouchers available 🎄


Words that came to mind after this walk -






Embracing the Seasons

Ever fancied Glamping in Norfolk during Winter? Well We've had some wonderful guests this year who've totally embraced the seasons and visited Happy Valley so I thought i'd share some of their fabulous captures and thoughts. Winter at Happy Valley is just as magical as summer with every day changing. The Wildlife in abundance living in harmony with our little woodland cabins.  

 This blog - dedicated to Budding photographer Corinne Hills  who Captured Happy Valley so well this Winter. 

Shepherds Hut Glamping Norfolk

Here's King Nutkin, Wood burner chuffing away on a cold winters day. We often get comments on how warm the huts are. All our woodland cabins are heated so there's no need to worry about the cold. You can explore the woodland garden and 250 acres of Congham Heath Woods and know you're coming back to a toasty retreat.

Boutique Glamping in Norfolk

The Kitchenette houses a fridge, hob, plates, cups, cuttlery, cooking utensils, tea, coffee, sugar, cafetiere, toaster, kettle etc. 

There's a breakfast bar where you can relax on the old tractor seat stools or you can enjoy your meal outside on the decking surrounded by your woodland garden. 

Luxury Glamping in Norfolk

A pocket sprung mattress sits on the king size bed and has been highly reviewed by all of our guests. 

attention to detail Glamping in Norfolk

No Need to Bring cooking equipment and crockery. All provided with King Nutkin.

interiors Glamping Norfolk

Pop the kettle on and prepare dinner or there's a large BBQ outside if you'd rather.

Interiors Glamping Norfolk

Our beautiful Shepherds Huts are made on site by Mr Happy Valley (Scottie). All the little details carefully thought of and they just keep getting better and better. Our Treehouse build is about to commence in the next couple of weeks. We can't wait to get our teeth into that one. Situated with open and woodland views you'lll be spoilt for choice of which way to look. Embracing the beautiful Norfolk skies or enjoying some forest bathing. Natures Medicine to nourish the soul. 

Shepherds Hut Woodland Glamping Norfolk

Below is Denver Rest which sits with our Tawny Hut - Denver houses a double bed, outdoor kitchen, indoor toaster and kettle. Breakfast bar. Tawny Hut houses a Super King Bed with a small desk and lamp. Outdoor seating and BBQ. Fire pit and Woodland Garden. Sleeping 4 in total. You can call us on 01485 600719 or email find us on instagram or facebook & Twitter.

Thank you Corinne for your beautiful captures and really glad you enjoyed your stay at Happy Valley. Please check out Corinees Website

Love Katy, Scott, Barnaby & Annie


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